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Hi, I am Vanitha. Welcome to my blog!!! I am the recipe developer, food stylist, editor and photographer (still learning) of this new endeavor of mine!! 


“CurryandVanilla” reflects my passion for Indian food and my obsession for baking. So any time I need some relaxation (yes, cooking and especially baking relaxes me!!) or need to be creative, you will find me in the kitchen.

Anything related to food has always fascinated me and my interest in cooking started by helping my Mom, a wonderful cook herself.

Marriage took me to US in the 80’s and it was there I started putting my cooking skills to the test  With exposure to many cuisines, my journey into this fascinating world took off and continues to this day!!

Living in different cities, Salem(India), Denver (USA),  New Delhi (India), Mysore (India), Cedar Rapids (Iowa) and now San Diego, helped me widen my exposure to all types of cuisines. In this blog, you will see my humble endeavors to portray  my experiments with different types of cuisines (mostly vegetarian), my baking adventures and sometimes, a small peek into my life.

Raising two adorable boys (they are all grown up now, one even got married in 2014; and the other one in 2017) fueled this passion of cooking exotic dishes; especially baking (as they would eat only what I baked at home and I cannot remember ever bringing cakes and biscuits or cookies from any shop home more than a few times) and they, along with my encouraging husband, devoured anything I put on their plate. I hope to build this blog as a collection of all the recipes that I have tried in my home.

During my early days of cooking, cookbooks and magazines were the only source for recipes, of course along with my mother’s recipes. Now, with the internet, any recipe is at our fingertips. This has helped introduce me to newer cuisines which fascinate me to the point of obsession.

Technology is new to me, so uploading and managing my website is a slow learning curve for me. Along the process, my photography skills are being put to the test and I hope to make this exciting ride to the blog world an interesting one!!!

With this new venture of mine, I hope to enter a new world, and chronicle and share all the adventures I have in my kitchen, whipping up tasty and interesting baked goods and of course Indian or International dishes and where I can make new friends with similar interests.

Hope you will encourage me in this adventure of mine by visiting my blog more often, trying out my recipes and commenting on them, so that I can continue to improve.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy all the flavors and aromas from my kitchen.

See you all in the blog world!!!

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My email is : curryandvanilla16@gmail.com


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Happy Cooking,




  1. Sharda Rao says:

    Hi Vanitha,
    Tried your moongdal chaklis, and they turned out very well. Wish you all the best in this adventure of yours. Looking forward to many more lip smacking recipes from you.

    • curryandvanilla says:

      That is great Sharda!!! I am glad you liked them. Thank you so much for the feedback and good wishes 🙂 Do keep in touch!!

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