Indian Green Chilli Pickle/Hari Mirch Ka Achaar


Tangy, spicy and lip-smacking green chilli pickle/hari mirch ka achaar; with mustard, fenugreek, lemon and hing, this is a perfect condiment to perk up any meal! 

Indian pickles are known worldwide for their spicy taste and they are typically various vegetables or fruits chopped and brined in an oil and vinegar or lemon juice mixture along with aromatic Indian spices like mustard, fenugreek, hing, turmeric powder, red chilli powder etc.

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Molagai Podi/Spiced Mixed Lentil South Indian Chutney Powder

Molagai Podi/Spicy Lentil Chutney Powder is a spicy south Indian mixed lentil-chilli chutney powder, normally served with oil (or melted ghee) as a condiment or accompaniment with various Indian dishes like dosas (savory rice-lentil crepes), idlis  (steamed rice-lentil cakes) etc.

“Molaga” or “molagai” is chillies in Tamil (a south Indian language) and “podi” is powder.

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