Cilantro or Coriander Chutney

Coriander Chutney1

Cilantro or Coriander chutney is a common Indian accompaniment for a variety of snacks and appetizers. With just a few ingredients (coriander, green chillies, lemon juice and any other spice you like), you can make this green chutney in a jiffy to serve with a variety of snacks like vegetable samosas, kachoris, chaat, pakoras, as a spread for sandwiches, burgers or even for dosas or idlis.

My version of cilantro chutney uses some coconut in it to give it some body and texture (you can omit them if you prefer).  This chutney can be stored in the refrigerator for at least a week, but tastes best fresh.

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Cilantro or Coriander Chutney

2 cups of coriander leaves or cilantro

3 teaspoons coconut, grated

1 clove of garlic

2 to 3 green chillies or jalapenos

1 to 2 teaspoons lemon juice

Salt to taste.


In a blender or mixer, blend all the ingredients with some water to a fine paste.

Check the taste and add more salt, green chillies or lemon juice if required

Serve with any chaat dish, samosas, burgers, idlis, dosas or even as a bread spread in sandwiches.

Store leftover chutney in the refrigerator for up to a week.


For a no onion, no garlic version, omit the garlic and use, about half inch piece of ginger instead.

You can make this chutney without coconut too.  Being a South Indian, I use coconut in most of my dishes!! Coconut gives a texture and bulk to the chutney which I like. If you want to avoid coconut, use some chopped onions in the chutney.

It is totally vegan.


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